Venture Maidens Campaign Guide for 5th Edition

Created by 2CGaming

The Venture Maidens Campaign Guide presents a 5e-compatible roleplaying setting born from the actual-play podcast of the same name.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Campaign Concluded! Next-Steps!
7 months ago – Mon, May 10, 2021 at 04:48:04 AM

Thank you so much for all the support on the Venture Maidens Campaign Guide! We are so, so thrilled for the amazing support and are extremely excited to leap into development! There are a few housekeeping items we'd like to run by all you lovely people, so we'll keep this update short and to the point!

Next Steps

The next Kickstarter update will be Sunday, May 23, 2021 or sooner.


We'll be managing pledges, reward tiers, and pre-orders through BackerKit. We will be starting to send those within the next week, and will send a Kickstarter update when those are sent to everyone and we are starting to lock orders and pre-orders!

Note: Venture Maidens Add-Ons in BackerKit

The zines (print & pdf) and pins on fate will be available through BackerKit, but the Collector's Boxes and Dice will unfortunately not be (though Venture Maidens *may* have them for sale at a later date!), as these are produced in limited quantity and therefore only available through the Kickstarter for now.

As we've unlocked the $100k stretch goal, pricing on the Hell's Bells Adventure zine modules follows:

  • Hell's Bell Adventure 1: $5 PDF, $15 Print + PDF
  • Hell's Bell Adventure 2, 3 and 4: Free PDF for Kickstarter backers ($5 Otherwise), $15 Print + PDF

Art & Writing

It's time to hit the ground running! The writing team is keyed in and ready to roll, and we have the artists on-deck for the project. Celeste and the Maidens are going to be putting pen to paper over the next few months, which means expect to see art updates first, then writing. So excited to see the Venture Maidens style in both of these forms.

Thank you for your continued support! If there are any questions, please let us know in the comments or via Kickstarter message!

- The 2CGaming team & the Maidens

Adventure Series & VTT Goal!
7 months ago – Mon, May 10, 2021 at 12:08:56 AM

Assemble your party—we’re in for a world of adventure!

You’ve done it! As our Kickstarter draws ever closer to a close, you all have come through to hit that 100k mark! This means that all you wonderful backers who purchased the Hell’s Bells Adventure Zine (or a collector’s box) will get three additional adventure zines! We are thrilled to give you all the tools to play a level 1 through 20 adventure highlighting the best our setting has to offer. And if you haven’t grabbed the Hell’s Bells Adventure Zine yet, now is the time to upgrade your pledge, because four adventures for the price of one is a deal you don’t want to miss!

In response to your extraordinary support, a wild new stretch goal has appeared:

It’s time to crank this Kickstarter to light speed, because we’re presenting a surprise new stretch goal! You all have thrown down the gauntlet, so we’re here to meet it with a brand-new target. If we hit the 125k mark, we can bring the Venture Maidens Campaign Guide to virtual tabletops! That means we can afford to convert the book to digital files that will allow you to get the adventure on the virtual gaming platforms of your choice. The sky is the limit with how many platforms we can hit, but you are sure to see your favorite VTTs on the list. Let’s soar for the stars in these final moments! We are so grateful you are here.

Thank you for your continued support!

- The 2CGaming team & the Maidens

Last Week - New Promo - Blossom Court
7 months ago – Mon, May 03, 2021 at 09:12:07 PM

What’s this? A sweet-smelling new promo has dropped!

Hey, venturers! Since you all have been so amazing through this Kickstarter, we’ve decided to share another promo with you! Click here to download the Blossom Court promo (or grab it from the Kickstarter page!), which gives you a peek at the Sovereign Fey Court lore we’re writing for the book. Not only does this promo reveal some juicy world secrets, it also gives you a first look at the monster templates we’re including so you can upgrade any existing creature with the powers of the plant-themed Blossom Court. Check it out, and give us a shout on social media to let us know your thoughts! Can’t wait to message you again when we hit that next stretch goal.

Click to Download the Blossom Court Promo!

Curious about the design inspiration behind the project?

If you want to hear a little more about the lead designer Celeste Conowitch and what inspired many of the design elements in the Venture Maidens Campaign Guide, check out this video interview on Nerdarchy.

Thank you for your continued support!

- The 2CGaming team & the Maidens

Masterwork Print Upgrade - 5th Goal Hit!
8 months ago – Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 10:09:30 PM

It’s time to get fancy, because we’ve unlocked our fourth stretch goal!

It’s raining gold! Since we hit the 70k mark, our book is receiving a masterwork printing upgrade. That means we’re adding gold foil to the cover, adding a midnight-purple bookmark, using higher-quality paper, and grabbing the highest quality stitching we can get. Our book is now the best it can possibly be both inside and out, all thanks to your generous support! Now we can turn our sights to additional tools to help you explore the world of Venture Maidens.

Where we go from here:

When we hit the 100k milestone, we will expand the Hell’s Bells Adventure Zine into an entire series! That means everyone who purchases the Hell’s Bells Adventure Zine (or receives it in a collector’s box) will get three more zines at no additional cost! Each zine will continue the module through the next tier of play, making a full quartet that will let you adventure from levels 1–20 in our fantastical campaign setting.

Curious what the interior art is going to look like?

The Venture Maidens Campaign Guide has an incredible team of artists working to bring this project to life. To get a sense of what all our gorgeous interior pieces are going to look like, check out our art team’s work!

  • Find Ambrose Hoilman’s work here. 
  • Find Adrián Ibarra Lugo’s work here. 
  • Find Johanna Taylor’s here. 

Thank you for everything. We are so grateful!

- The 2CGaming team & the Maidens

Collector's Boxes - Second Limited Run
8 months ago – Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 12:59:21 AM

Good news, everyone—we’ve added more Collector’s Boxes!

Hello, champions. We’ve got some exciting news! We’re doing an additional run of Collector’s Boxes! Since our first set of Collector’s Boxes sold out so quickly, we’ve put our resources together to conjure another 50 boxes available at the $250 level. This second round of boxes will take us a little longer to produce, so if you order one now (or upgrade your pledge) you will receive the box in September 2022 as opposed to June 2022. This extra time frame is necessary to accommodate the production of all the extra goodies that go inside the box. So, if you missed that first run, now is your chance! Make sure to hurry though, because they are already flying off the (virtual) shelves. We are so thrilled that we can make this happen for you wonderful people, because you deserve all the best for making our dreams come true. 

Want to chat about the project or ask questions? Reach out!

Contact us via the 2CGaming website, or join the 2CGaming Discord!

Thank you for everything. We’re thrilled to watch this project grow!

- The 2CGaming team & the Maidens